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We want to see every person experience transformation in Christ. Often, staying in-step with God means we need to move. Serving helps us see and experience what we were made for... transformation!
Volunteer today and watch God work in and through you. That’s what it means to  BE THE CHURCH.  

If you are not in a group or serving in a ministry, this is your sign!  

don't just go to church... BE THE CHURCH!

How to get started:

  1.  Click below to request information on a group, or,  a volunteer serving opportunity.

2.  You will be sent information about a group, or, an overview of a volunteer serving position.

3.  At this point, you can then make an informed and prayerful decision to join a group, or, serve in an area you feel God is leading you. 

4.  Consider joining a group, or, a 90-day trial period serving in a ministry (once per month on average).