What is Stephen Ministry?

Stephen Ministry provides confidential, one-to-one, Christ-centered, spiritual and emotional care to individuals who are experiencing difficulty in their lives.

What is a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministers are congregation members who have been selected to go through 50 hours of Christian caregiving training. Stephen Ministers provide spiritual and emotional care for those dealing with grief, marital struggles, job loss, hospitalization, financial struggles, loneliness, terminal illness, loss of a loved one, and other life difficulties. They come alongside people to listen, care, pray, and encourage them.

Why should I seek to become a Stephen Minister?

You should apply to be a Stephen Minister if the joy of knowing Christ moves you to compassion for those who are suffering. If God has called you to participate with Him as He brings healing to people's lives, please prayerfully consider joining this ministry.

When should I request a Stephen Minister?

You should seek a Stephen Minister if you are hurting or struggling with something due to a current or past situation and want someone who will give you emotional and spiritual support.

What should I expect when I request a Stephen Minister?

You will meet with leaders from the Stephen Ministry team to assure that a Stephen Minister is a good fit for your situation. Once paired with a Stephen Minister, you will typically meet with them weekly for an hour for as long as the need persists.