Ten Mile Christian Church is a church that is dedicated to identifying and breaking down barriers that could potentially keep people and families with special needs from accessing the Gospel and being a part of the church body. We believe that honoring and respecting each child of God with disabilities is not the sole responsibility of one individual, but a shared cause amongst all staff and volunteers. As you visit our church, we want to make sure that you are aware of the options for accessibility in our building and programs.

Modified Environments

  • Our baptismal is handicapped accessible.
  • Additional consideration for handicap accessibility is made in our main lobby, hallway, and seating areas.
  • We designate handicapped seating inside our 2 main service venues above and beyond federal requirements.
  • We collaborate with our Facilities Team and individual ministry teams to ensure each event and opportunity for fellowship is accessible to all families.
  • Elevators are available directly adjacent to each of our 2 main service venues.
  • Our 8:30am weekly Sunday service is a "muted" service, meaning volume and lighting are minimized to accommodate sensory, visual, and hearing needs.

Providing Supports

  • We have a full-time staff member and ministry dedicated to the support of Special Needs families.
  • Earplugs and headphones are available in the building at all times for services and programming.
  • Sensory tools are available in the building at all times for services and programming.
  • Handouts during services provide additional note-taking space and structure.
  • Our Communications Team takes extra consideration for visual accessibility for all graphics and printed content.

Creating Specialized Environments

  • We have a Sensory Room dedicated to supporting children with sensory needs and preferences that can be utilized during our 10am and 4:30pm service times. in addition to availability during weekly programming and church-wide events.
  • During larger church-wide events, we have a Family Viewing Room "quiet room"  available for those who need an additionally supportive space to soothe emotional, mental, or sensory needs. 

Specialized Programming

  • Special Needs Parent Support Nights meet weekly on Wednesday nights at 6pm in the Family Room & Childcare is in room 100.

Awareness and Training

  • Each full-time staff member has gone through extensive special needs training.
  • We are currently in the process of preparing special needs training for all of our existing and new volunteers, to be completed before approval as a volunteer.
  • We are currently in the process of providing special needs training to our Elder Board.
  • We are currently in the process of planning a special needs training class that will be offered to our congregation. This class will be offered multiple times throughout the year. 

Continuous Improvement

Our staff and volunteers at Ten Mile Christian Church are dedicated to continuous improvement in our awareness of and skill in supporting families who experience special needs. This include perpetual training, discussions with special needs families, collaboration on monthly church events, collaboration with churches in the valley who are looking to support special needs families, and consistent discussions in staff and department level meetings regarding supports for our special needs families.