Policies and Procedures

To learn about all of our Policies and Procedures please read our Parent Handbook:

Potty Trained Policy:
Children enrolled in the preschool classes for ages 3 and up, must be potty trained* by the first day of school. We understand that accidents may still happen. These accidents are unusual incidents that occur infrequently. We have a three accident policy in place. If a child has three or more accidents in a month’s time we will reevaluate his or her placement in preschool.
Potty Trained children can:
  • Communicate to teachers that they need to use the restroom.
  • Independently use the bathroom facility without assistance.
  • Wear cloth underwear. No Pull-ups or diapers are allowed.

Enrolled children who are not potty trained by the first day of school will be eligible to move to the top of our waiting list. You may decide to continue to pay tuition until potty training is completed in order to hold your child’s place in the class.

*If your child has a medical condition or a special need we are happy to work with you regarding this policy.
Special Needs Policy:
TMC Preschool and Kindergarten feels that in order to give your child the best quality assistance in the classroom, we need to be able to communicate with those providing outside services to your child. This information allows us to have a whole-picture perspective of your child’s strengths, preferences and needs in the learning environment. As such, if your child currently receives or has previously received such outside services, we are requesting the sharing of such information. These services and assessments include, but are not limited to the following: Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy, Developmental Assessments, Cognitive Assessments, Individual Education Program (IEP) and/or Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP). Per our partnership in your child’s education, we are requesting that you please sign a  *Confidentiality Agreement prior to admitting/maintaining your child in our program. This will provide the Directors with the appropriate information to contact agencies providing these services with agreement to consider sharing information or results relating to your child that can supplement and guide our supports for your child. Without the agreement of this partnership we may not be able to properly meet your child’s needs and may effect your child’s eligibility for enrollment. Thank you for allowing us to be an integral part of your child’s development and education.